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Membership Eligibility
Membership is open to all who are supportive of our lake preservation mission including area property owners, friends and relatives of property owners, as well as repeat visitors to the local resorts and campgrounds.

There are just over 600 properties platted around Lake Miltona. Our membership reflects two thirds of the total number of properties. If you are not a member, please consider joining over 400 of your neighbors and friends in our Lake Miltona Association. We welcome volunteers to participate in our activities and maintaining the quality of our lake.

Membership Dues
$30 Annual
Donations and dues are tax deductible. See IRS Publication 526.

Pay with Check
Print and complete the Membership Form, and mail it, with your check to:
790 East Sandy Beach Drive NE
Miltona, MN 56354

Pay Online with Credit Card

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Lake MIltona Association Dues

30.00 USD

Subtotal: 30.00 USD

Tax: 0.00 USD

Total: 30.00 USD

Membership Benefits
Member dues and donations make the following possible:

Change Your Membership Information

Send an email to John Fair at with changes to any of the following information or use the form below to send your email directly from this page.
- Name
- Lake Address
- Lake phone
- Home Address
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Membership Trends
Membership is encouraged for all those in our lake community, as well as the general public. Join in with your neighbors and their efforts!

2023 455
2022 481
2021 488
2020 475
2019 472
2018 457
2017 467
2016 458
2015 421
2014 437
2013 408
2012 413
2011 410
2010 375