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When boating or fishing on Minnesota lakes, protect our lake from invasive aquatic plants (milfoil) and animals (zebra mussels) by performing the the steps listed below each time to enter or leave the lake.

Clean-In Clean-Out is a DNR program designed to educate boaters and anglers about the transport and transfer of invasive plants and animals from lake to lake.

"We are here to help and inform you about Aquatic Invasive Species".

cleaning the boat

draining water from the boatCLEAN all visible weeds from your boat, trailer, and any water-related equipment before leaving any water access or shore land.

DRAIN water-related equipment (boat, ballast tanks, portable bait containers) and drain bilge, live well, and bait well by removing drain plugs before leaving a water access or shoreline property. Keep drain plugs out and water-draining devices open while transporting watercraft.

DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, and worms in the trash. It is illegal to release bait into a water body, or release aquatic animals from one water body to another. If you want to keep your bait, you must refill the bait container with bottled or tap water.

Know The Law You may not.......

  • Transport watercraft without removing the drain plug.
  • Arrive at lake access with drain plug in place.
  • Transport aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or other prohibited species on any roadway.
  • Launch a watercraft with prohibited species attached.
  • Transport water from Minnesota lakes or rivers.
  • Release bait into the water.

Report New Infestations
If you suspect a new infestation or any invasive plant or animal, take a photo and note the location, or save a specimen and report it to a local DNR invasive species contact.