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Fertilizer Regs
A statewide Minnesota law, prohibiting the use of phosphorous lawn fertilizers, went into effect January 1, 2005. Minnesota law bans the use of phosphorus fertilizer, because phosphorous is the nutrient that turns Minnesota's lakes and streams green with algae.

When shopping for your lawn and landscaping supplies, purchase fertilizers that contain zero phosphorous, and only buy brands that have clearly indicated a middle number of zero (X-O-X) on the packaging. This simple action will help protect Minnesota's lakes and streams from increasing algae blooms, excessive weed growth and deteriorating water quality.

The Minnesota Lakes Association, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to the protection and preservation of Minnesota's lakes, reminds Minnesota citizens that aside from using phosphorous-free lawn fertilizers homeowners can take a variety of additional measures, in order to reduce the storm water runoff reaching Minnesota's lakes and streams. If we all do our part Minnesota lakes and streams will have cleaner and clearer waters this summer!

  1. Lawn Clippings. Rake and sweep all lawn clippings, leaves and other yard debris into an enclosed yard compost bin or dispose of them at city composting piles. These are all sources of phosphorous and can quickly make their way to nearby water bodies if left in yards, on curbs, or in ditches.
  2. Pet Waste. Pick up and properly dispose of all pet waste, because this can be a harmful source of bacteria in lakes and streams.
  3. Exposed Soil. Cover or protect any exposed soil in your yard, because spring rains quickly wash away any loose soil, resulting in cloudy sediment-filled waters.